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Published 04/07/2012 by Unknown98
Salesman is a free online business simulation game oriented around car retail and transportation. Features include: Launch your own car dealership and manage your employees, inventory and your facilities whilst also having access to reports for finances and sales. Dynamic cities, interactive places for you to visit and compete in. Intricate car-city-country-continent system, everything is interlinked. Become part of the game, purchase an apartment, pay bills, travel, and attend car events! Cutting edge game engine allows for a fully player powered environment. [b]Overview: So what is Salesman?[/b] So what is Salesman? Salesman is an online multiplayer business/economic simulation game based on the car retail market. Currently players start off by completing contracts - which will be explained later. As players move up the ranks eventually they can establish their own car dealerships. It takes a lot of work to manage a car dealership. You have to hire employees, purchase equipment for them to use, set their wages - and abide by minimum wage standards. You have to purchase land for your dealership so that you have a place to build the infrastructure such as showrooms, service garages, and parking lots. You have to build a warehouse and order vehicles from the manufacturers. Furthermore, you must manage each of your dealership's individual inventories by shipping vehicles from your warehouse to your dealerships. If space gets too small, you have to decide whether it's worth it to upgrade certain aspects of your dealership. That's just an overview of what the game contains. In the future we plan to add more features in addition to the ones you see listed on this page. Some of the plans that are in the works include having player-managed chain-of-production lines, such as raw material extraction companies, and factories that take the raw materials and turn them into parts for the manufacturing of a player's own line of cars. Also planned are many types of transport related businesses such as taxi, construction, and trucking companies, and modification companies that would take the chassis of a particular commercial vehicle and turn it into what the client needs, for example a dump truck or garbage truck. These would also tie in with the other player-run companies in the game, creating a truly player-run environment. Say for example a construction company needs a dump truck, they would put in an order for what they need, and the various modification companies in the game could put in bids for that order. Of course, these additions are still only in the planning phase. The game is in Beta stage, which means it's not finished by any means and is still being developed. However many of the core elements of gameplay are complete, and you can register an account to try out the game if you wish. Updates are posted on the main page once in a while to update players on new features we've completed or changes we've made.
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