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Published 09/08/2023 by Cybrexia
    Cybrexia, 2128:

In the shadows of the Quantum Order's dominance, the world has been reshaped into a grim dystopia. Major cities are no longer mere urban hubs; they've been transformed into perilous arenas where survival is both the challenge and the prize.

New Jersey, among the world's most populous zones, stands as a stark reminder of humanity's struggle. Armed citizens traverse its streets, eyeing each other warily, each vying to ascend the social ladder or just to see another day.

Dive deep into the Back Alleys, where danger and opportunity walk hand in hand. Engage in brutal combat in the Gym, where strength, speed, and defense are forged in blood and sweat. Unearth valuable shards, the lifeblood of this new world, and trade them for coveted gear and back alley pills.

But remember, the ever-watchful eye of the Quantum Order looms large, ensuring that their version of the New World Order remains unchallenged. In Cybrexia, destiny isn't predetermined; it's crafted by those with the will to defy and dream.

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