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Shattered Crown

Daggers of Silk and Steel

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Published 22/07/2012 by stlnsun
Rebuilding After the Destruction

The world as we knew it has changed. The Destruction that had once reigned down on us, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake, is now a thing of the past. The time for mourning has passed. Now, it is time for rebuilding.

Empires and Kingdoms, which once lay in ruins, are beginning to rise from the ashes. Structures of grandeur and magnificence are starting to dot the landscape. The once deserted lands are now bustling with activity as armies venture forth, claiming territories and expanding their reign.

There is a newfound freedom in the air, a sense of hope and determination. There is nothing holding people back from leaving their mark on this reborn world. It is a time of choices, a time of action. You stand at the crossroads of this new era, with the power to choose the path you will take.

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