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Devlings Strategy Game - FAQ

Published 16/01/2013 by devlings
How do I find a player by name ?
- Go to the map, write the player's name in the search box and press the button Move!. If the player exists, the map will show his house in the orange square.

How can i attack a player ?
- Go to the map or rankings (the Others). Click on a player's name to get to his description page. If you have at least a priest, and if the player is not in an guild with you, or he is not protected by a Flame you'll see an attack button.

How can I donate money to another player ?
- To donate money, you must be in a guild with the player. If you are, go on his page and you will see the option.

How do i join a guild
- If you are not in a guild, click on your guild's link (Your guild), at the middle of the page. Write the name of guild in which you want to go and send the request. If the guild founder agrees, you will receive a message with the invitation to join the guild.
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