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Dungeon Inquisitor

Dungeon Inquisitor

Published 01/11/2011 by aipioneer
Unlike many other games of this genre, you are not the hero – well the traditional hero at least. You are the one the “good guys” are trying to kill by destroying your dungeon. Of course, most of these heroes fall victim to your traps or in combat with your minions, filling your prisoner with would be heroes. Dungeon Inquisitor blends strategic planning and tactical thinking as you expand you dungeon and your army of creatures. You will learn to master the puzzle of torture and interrogation, striving to find the right balance that gets prisoners to blab their guts out. Social networking and management involves dealing with your fellow Inquisitors, who are out to rule the world as well. Form friendships, nurture relationships, built trust and alliances with your fellow Inquisitors, and then stab them in the back when the time is right.
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