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Einherjar Launches Gift Campaign for All

Published 13/10/2012 by jimmytran

Appirits has just announced a new gifting campaign for players, old and new, in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood from Oct. 10th to 31st, 2012. During this period, newly registered players can receive several in-game items to have a good start while veterans can benefit from the Invitation function.

Read the following press to get more details.

Press Release:


Gifts for Einherjar Newcomers and Veterans!


Tokyo, Japan – 10 October 2012 – According to Appirits, the Japanese game developer of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood, their Einherjar community has been expanding through the past months with many useful updates and interesting events. In order to reward their newcomers and veterans for supporting the game, Appirits will run a gifting campaign from 10 to 31 October 2012 (SGT or GMT+8).


During the abovementioned period, all new players registering for Einherjar will receive 300 Power and 1 October Kit (including Heater Shield x1, Silver Axe x1, Morion Ring x1). So if players combine this promotion with the Invitation function which has been released since 25 April 2012, they and their new friends will get more benefits from the game. Information about that feature can be found on Einherjar’s official website


In addition, they will have some special gifts for old players coming back to the world of Einherjar. An old player is defined as a player who has not logged in Einherjar since 1 September 2012. And those gifts consist of 300 Power and 1 Veteran Kit (including Mithril Sword x1, Mithril Shield x1, Master Ring x1).

And last but not least, the amount of auto-produced resources will be increased by 30% during this event to boost all players’ building activities.


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