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Forgotten Elements

Forgotten Elements Follower System released!

Published 19/10/2011 by MarlonD
    Forgotten Elements:With the new update a new system has arrived : The Follower System.What is the Follower System�With the Follower System you will get a little helper, who will attend you on your adventure in Forgotten Elements.You can compare a follower with a minion, that can handle some additional tasks.What is a follower able to do�-there are currently 2 different followers: a Dryad and a Fire Elemental. Every follower has different attribute values.-your

little helper will be able to wear a weapon, a shield, a helmet and an

armor. Any of these equipment items which meet the level requirement can

be worn by the follower. Furthermore he also has a backpack and so is

able to carry items.-your new friend will be able to sell items to a

vendor and store them in the treasure box. Just hit the corresponding

button, your follower will leave and return after completing the task.-of course your follower will support you during the battle, while fighting against monsters.-your follower will automatically drink potions, if they are available within their backpack.-by

default your little helper is familiar with 2 passive skills, but you

can teach him up to two additional skills(any skills) by providing

corresponding skill items.-during fight your follower will be able to upgrade his skills and gain new levels.-your friend cannot die. If his health drops below 1, he will leave the fighting place and come back after a short rest.-you can send your follower away by hitting the "Dismiss" button.How do you get your own follower�Please visit the main town of zone 1 "Telumin" and talk to Bortran, the NPC with the shovel.He has a task for you and after completing it you will be able to choose a follower.Klick here and start your adventure now!
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