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Forgotten Elements

Forgotten Elements released

Published 08/01/2013 by MarlonD

Forgotten Elements released

Author: Marlon » 8. Jan 2013, 00:23 Finally... finally... finally... Forgotten Elements was released!Version 1.0 is online now and can be played!Here are the patchnotes:2013-01-07: v 1.0.0- Forgotten Elements (v. 1.0) finally released!- a very special surprise box was sent to all players!- new music 'Whispers in the Wind' is availableThe Thank-You-Gift is dedicated to all BETA players.It contains:- 1 pet "Young Wolf"- 1 legendary item "Grand Betakey"- 1 skill reset rune- 1 attribute reset runeThank

you very very much for your help and your faithfulness! I am really

happy to present you a cool and inventive Hack 'n Slay after 3 years and

9 months of hard work! I hope that you have fun with the game, see you! Marlon
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