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Garages, Camps, Independents gone

Published 08/08/2016 by dawn2055
It's been a while since last Dawn 2055 update, but finally another update has been just applied to the game and it packs quite few changes!

Vehicle garages

One of the most requested features by the community is finally implemented. Previously vehicles used to take all the space in warehouses and shops as their weight is enormously large if compared to other items and this made difficult to store together regular materials and items and vehicles. A new special building has been added to solve the issue - Vehicle garages - is a new building and works in similar way as a regular warehouse or private storage, but instead allows to store only vehicles. Private garages are also available.


Camps are small structures with maximum of 5 total upgrades available. Advantages of camps include less materials to build one, not being listed in a gang page and not being visible on map from the distance. Camps can be used to set up a fast camp near some neat salvage spot or even used by bandit players as a secret base. Multiple camps can be built in one sector and just as well in sectors belonging to other gangs!

Independent towns gone bandit

The last 3 Independent towns have gone bandit and are up for grabs to any player faction out there. This change sets the game to being even more player driven and the current most active game area which is located around the center of the map can be shifted to anywhere!

From now on new players can pick starting location out of 5 settlements which are most appropriate for beginner players. These settlements are also visible at Stats page

A new building - Guard Barracks - is also available in settlements, when it's built, guards will be placed in the sector to protect it from bandit players. Only 1 per gang.

Radiation overhaul

Existing radiation placement, especially the western radiation wall wasn't working as indented and was mostly annoying to the player base. The issue was addressed and the radiation placement is made completely from scratch with aim to not limit player movement in specific directions and to make large towns and blast craters are more radioactive.

Cancel Offers option removed

A favorite "feature" to a lot of players - a design oversight allowing to store items and vehicles in in-game shops - is now addressed by completely removing Cancel option for shop offers. Instead players can set a time interval - 2 or 4 weeks - for how long the items will be for sale, once the time runs out items are returned to private storage or garage. Items or vehicles are permanently removed from the game if the storage is full. All existing offers can still be canceled.

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