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Grand Prix Racing Online

Grand Prix Racing Online

Published 05/11/2012 by gpro
    Grand Prix Racing Online is a free web based

motor sport management game, where you get to control and influence a

team of your own. Starting out with a basic car you can try and win your

way through to the top division to become the best manager and win the

Elite group title.

Just like in Formula 1 or any motor sports, you

will have to work hard in order to be succesful in this management game.

There will be many things you have to take care of, like hiring drivers

and technical directors, setting up your car for qualification and

races, managing staff and facilities, negotiating with sponsors and more


There are 17 races per season, with two races per

week, and you can spend as little as an hour per week managing your

team. But as with most things, the more you put in, the more you will

get out and that extra effort in selecting your driver or setting up

your car could be the difference between Promotion and Relegation.

You will be able to watch the races live and enjoy

the chat with other managers in your group and other divisions, see how

your driver performs in each race, and decide the best race strategy

according to your driver stats and weather predictions. You can create

teams with your friends or with people from across the world that you

have never met before to compete in the teams championship. All this can

be done with a simple browser from your home or work at any time! There

is nothing to download at all.

GPRO is in continual development, and for that

reason we are open to suggestions from our players. This can be done in

our extensive forums, or our own internal Private Messaging System.

There are always great people online that will read and share your

thoughts about mostly anything, there is even a F1 forum!

If you are a big fan of F1 and motor sports, want

to be part of a great and friendly community, enjoy discussing F1 races

with people around the world, and like manager and multiplayer games,


apply now for free

and be part of a fantastic game!

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