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Knights and Fights

Knights and Fights

Published 22/10/2012 by m3mnoch
Name: Knights and Fights - Beta The Premise: It's a skill-based, fantasy MMO, open-world design where there is no magic, but psionics exist. The Platform: It's low-fi, web-based. It's a step above a text-based MUD, but below an isometric dungeon crawler in graphics -- all delivered through the browser. Essentially, the web site is the game. Release Date: The game is playable now and is constantly being updated and improved. Description and Feature Bullets: Knights and Fights is a massively multiplayer role playing game with all the features you have come to expect and many that you don't, just delivered in a low-bandwidth, play-at-work fashion on the Web. It's set in the world of Daend where there is no magic, psions are persecuted, scholars are revered, and the three kingdoms (Agon, Sush and Lionicon) are barely avoiding open war. *Skill-based Advancement *Custom Skills *Custom Crafted Items *Chat and Messaging *A Large, Open World *Dynamic Quests *Many NPCs to Interact With *Skill Wagering *Over 200 Unique Monsters *Rich, Dynamic Environment *Real-Time Calendar and Clock *Guilds Interesting hooks with the game: *the real-time, environment cycle -- a constant clock that keeps turning whether you're logged in or not, coupled with the asynchronous turn-based nature of the gameplay. *You can craft any item and research any skill -- literally, anything you want. *The concept of skill wagers -- this opens an entirely new, non-lethal PVE and PVP method of gameplay. You can earn money AND increase your skills without any combat. Some fun things I've done in the Game: *I got tired of being injured all the time so I crafted a lute that heals me when i use it. *I had a quest to win a climbing challenge with my psion (right?) so I researched a new ability to nerf people's climbing ability. So, before I wagered the other guy, I nerfed his skill and then handily beat him. *For fun, I researched a Diplomacy ability that would nerf the Blocking ability of my opponent. (Translated: I can distract them with my words to more easily hit them) *Talking to a dynamically generated NPC named Bisonapple is totally hilarious. There's a helpful gameplay guide here:
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