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La Cosa Nostra Updates!

Published 12/09/2015 by dottdogg
Welcome back, everyone! 

  First and foremost I'd like to formally apologize for my absence over the past month and a half. I've been quite busy with things going on outside the game. But the good news is it's all settled, at least for the most part anyway. So, it's safe to say that I'm back now and i'll be managing the game as much as I possibly can when I'm not busy or working and fixing up game issues and releasing new content to keep the game enjoyable for everyone. Here's a detailed list on everything that's changed while LCN has been down. 

 1. Fixed an issue with the car dealership price being lower then the chop shop value. This caused a huge issue in the game and allowed players to make a fortune off of a minor mistake on my end. 

 2. The kidnapping feature introduces a new skill, stealth to the game. Your stealth level determines your chance for kidnapping someone. If you're kidnapped you'll have the opportunity to escape before your kidnapper tortures you, kills you or let's you go. Your escape chance is based on your stealth skill level and you'll be able to attempt to escape once every 5 minutes. The kidnapper can torture their victim in different ways, each way will drop a certain percentage of health from the victim, depending on which method you use is how long you'll have to wait to torture them again. The reason behind the timer is to give a fair chance to the victim as well to escape. Of course you can also just put a gun to your victims head and kill them instantly or even hold them for ransom. 

 3. More Locations have been added into the game. Kansas City, Missouri, Los Angeles, California San Francisco, California Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

 4. Removal of Death System(Instead of being forced to start all over, you'll only lose some stats, money on hand, and properties). 

 5. Removal Of the Commission. This was causing many issues within the game and giving just 1 family too much power. It's been removed for good. 

 6. Removal of Drug and Weapon Factories(Weapons instead will be looted from jobs, and very rarely on petty crimes). 

 7.More Character Classes(Cooker, Bomb Maker) The Cooker class can grow weed, and produce various drugs. Bomb maker can create bombs using certain materials. Bombs have been removed from purchasing from the store. 

 Several of these features are still in a beta phase and may contain glitches or bugs. As usual, if you encounter any bugs please send in a ticket to Customer Support so we can more easily keep track of bugs and issues and fix them in a reasonable manner.
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