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New Game Updates!

Published 07/02/2016 by dottdogg
Hi Mobsters!

Factories will now produce .38 specials.

We've added in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas families can't be created, and no properties aside from the casinos can be purchased.

We've brought back the daily reward system.

Fixed an issue with not being able to travel to Jersey City but you can start there.

Adjusted the truck heist loot. You can now obtain a bulletproof vest from the "Rob A Gun Truck" heist.

Fixed the lost password page. As it wouldn't let users login from that page.

We've changed the referrals program system. Instead of being awarded $10,000.00 when your referral reaches level 10 you'll receive 25 game tokens.

Fixed an issue with logging out as it wouldn't completely destroy the game session for the user.

Fixed some alignment coding on the attack logs and financial logs page.

Re-added bomb making into the game. Only Bomb Makers have access to this feature and they can only create the molotov cocktail at this time.

When purchasing your next captain spot, the price will increase each time.

Thank you everyone for your continued support with the game. We have many new things planned this year for LCN. So stay tuned! 
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