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Published 12/07/2012 by FoosMan
Netpigs is a turn-based strategy game inspired by the classic conquest game with dices. It’s [b]free[/b], multiplayer, and you can [b]play whenever you want[/b] with your favorite web browser. You can play "[b]real time[/b]" with fast turns [b]or[/b] long games "[b]by correspondence[/b]" in which each player has up to 2 weeks to make his move ... or something in between! There are [b]several maps[/b] on which to compete and various game options affecting the strategy used to be able to win and climb the [b]many leaderboards[/b] ​​available on Netpigs There are options for [b]color blind[/b] players that allow anyone to play: you can enable a label to display next to the colors that you can not distinguish
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