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OBM Online Boxing Manager

OBM Online Boxing Manager

Published 05/11/2014 by OBM
[b]Don't crumble, but rumble - become boxing manager champion! [/b] OBM - Online Boxing Manager is a free manager simulation based on the sport of boxing. Starting with a new boxing club, it is up to the manager to coach young talents to fight against other opponents from around the world. Skills and attributes need to be trained to make through hard ranking fights and tournaments. The OBM boxing league waits with teams from other motivated players. The ultimate goal is winning the champions league. Have you been looking for a boxing online game? The Online Boxing Manager is the thing you were searching for! Start right now and stun the boxing world with your champions. This game is absolutely free and has hundreds of active international players: [url=]Register yourself and start fighting now![/url] [b]The OBM is one of the most popular boxing games on the world wide web.[/b] Join the boxing manager simulation right now.
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