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Project Terran

Project Terran

Published 18/04/2017 by coops
Project Terran is currently in an Open Beta Stage. That means we are working daily on the code and are looking for Testers that don’t mind being in an Beta environment. Things will change but from here on there will be NO character wipes. This open Beta stage is so we can add the Professions and ensure that they work and are balanced. There is no point in taking part in this Beta stage if you are not willing to give feedback or at least test as many elements as you can. Overview Project Terran is a Sci-Fi browser game. It takes place in a single Galaxy Called Phoenix. There are 119 Systems with 775 Locations. Play style is PVE with immersive community interaction. Factions There are Four Factions. Colonial Union, Commonwealth Of Planets, Foreen Alliance & the Planetary Federation. Although humanity is now spread out through the Galaxy all newcomers start their journeys at Atlas Station in Terra. Play Style Project Terran is NOT a power levelling frenzy game. It’s not about who’s the highest level. Its about your characters and their ‘Skills’ which expand their abilities to further their professions in game. Both Travel & Skill learning is time based (real time) This means you need to plan ahead and work on your overall strategy. There is no Profession Locks, so whilst you can initially select a ‘Profession’ this only gives you a boost in that initial profession. It does NOT stop you from learning alternative profession skills and mixing and matching. But as all skills are Time based you will never be the master of all the professions simple due to time limits. Hence why we give you characters Slots. Project Terran Economy During Alpha we are making a lot of sweeping changes and additions but the OVERALL GOAL is that Project Terran will be a ‘Player Crafted & Economy Driven’ game. There are an initial set of Civilian ‘Items’ in game. These are ‘low value’ and are simply starter profession items. Everything after that will be Player Crafted. There will be no NPC to sell your goods and resources to, this will be player <> player economy. The base value of a resource will be set by the community at the time. So the ebb and flow of the economy in game will be controlled and directed by the players and not an artificial NPC value. Even ships in Project Terran will be 99.9 % Player crafted. You start out with an initial Marauder but past that all ships will be player crafted. Account Creation / Control The Account creation system allows for One account per person with up to Six characters on that account. Initially you will have access to two character slots and can open up up the remaining Four slots as you progress within the game. At any time in game you can switch back to the characters selection screen and swap characters. Longevity Project Terran is not a flash in the pan browser game. We are old hands at developing games that keep players coming back for years and years. Project Terran will be immersive enough to keep you coming back each day and still have new content you will be finding each month as you progress deeper and deeper. Once launched the game will be heavily developed with constant updates and tweaks as the community grows and expands. If you’re looking for a new place to call home for a Scifi Browser game – You just found it!
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