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The Under Realm

The Under Realm

Published 03/08/2011 by Mahfitz

Just under three centuries ago a full scale war broke out in the lands of Dirna. The war lasted for over 40 years and ended with the Savierian Empire defeating the Tileskan Province. Those of the Tileskan Province who survived retreated below the surface within the natural caverns of the Deep, never to be heard from again.

In recent times, small wars have broken out with numerous races of Dirna. What is causing the unrest on the surface is still unclear.

You are a mercenary for hire and have been tasked with investigating a recent spate of disappearances, and the arrival of a mysterious race within the isles of Brimness.

Undertake quests, kill creatures and gain loot as you level up through the lands of Dirna and The Deep.

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