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Chronicles of Merlin

The World of Merlin Comes Alive

Published 10/11/2011 by david87725

Chronicles of

Merlin is one of the latest games by Koram Games, a popular online gaming

company. It currently has 13 Servers and hundreds of

thousands of players from across the world. They are planning on opening up a

new server on November 9th and have released a new Facebook



The storyline involves a rift in time that

the famous magician Merlin has created. In this rift are historical European

Heroes that are there to test yourself against. These heroes range from Robin Hood

to Vlad the Impaler. The game combines city buildings with strategy as you work

your way both through your kingdom and through the campaigns.  Once you defeat one of these heroes you are

able to use them for yourself against both players and non-players.


Speaking of players, this game contains

both single PVP and massive PVP. Single as you go off on your own, attacking

citizens of other countries or fighting over farms, mines, and conquering other

players. In terms of massive PVP there are all out server PVP in Mine Wars as

players fight to gain Silver, large scale team PVP including Alliance Battles

where Alliances fight over plantations, or Regional Wars where they fight over



The strategy of this game is immense, you

have Heroes, Formations, Gear, Enlightenment, Research (abilities) that are all

combined to find the best strategy to defeat your opponent. It is not always

the best gear or the best Hero that wins out, many times it depends on the

formation and the combination of things. In this game there are 3 kingdoms, all

of which come with their own cities and set of heroes.


In terms of graphics and upgrades this game

is on the move. It already has clean and crisp graphics, and updates seem to doing

great. Since opening they have introduced a ranking system, a King System, many

new Heroes, stages, and much much more. I think it shows this game is sure to

be going strong for a while and worth checking out!
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