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Xatrium leaves Beta state and brings new content

Published 26/11/2012 by DuncanConroy
The 3D-Action Multiplayer Browsergame Xatrium left it's Beta state. With the release of version 1.0, Xatrium brings a lot of new content, as well as new features.
The new content package consists of 2 new Mechs, 9 new weapons, 9 new engines and many, many utilities, like ammunition, skins and boosters.
Three new features were integrated with the current release. First of all, there're gifts. Pilots will be rewarded with a daily gift, every day they log in. These gifts can either be Xatrium (the ingame currency), boosters or ammo.
The second feature is boosters, which will give the pilot different advantages for a short time period. For instance, pilots can use a First-Aid-Kit to restore their health back to 100%. Another example is a Damagebooster that will double the amount of damage dealt for 30 seconds.
Every new registered pilot will get a welcome package, containing 100,000 Xatrium (worth 1.00 €) and a random gift.

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