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Xatrium starts operation of AI players

Published 27/08/2012 by DuncanConroy
Until now in Xatrium, only human players fought for the treasured energy mineral "Xatrium" what gives the game its name. The matches full of action are now enhanced by individual acting computer players, who behave nearly like human players. Different to buildup- and quest-based games, realtime MMOs need to have other human players to be online at the same time, for playing. With its artificial intelligence (AI), Xatrium found a remedy to this barrier.
"By pushing forward the development of the Artificial Intelligence, which was intended to be done after the openBETA, we, as the first realtime 3D MMO browsergame, offer the ability for users to play all day long, without the need for other human players being online. Users may now also play at 4:00 AM in well-filled matches.", says Daniel Bunte, Xatrium's Artificial Intelligence developer.
The AI's well-designed targeting mechanism is challenging even for advanced players. If an AI player once detected its target, it won't stop until it is destroyed.
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