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Online RPG Challenges Conventions

Published 23/02/2011 by kraz007

Riftforge Entertainment Ltd. announced the beta phase of Riftforge, a unique online RPG. It challenges MMORPG genre conventions with deep, squad-level fantasy tactics. Hundreds of thousands of players will be able to cooperate and compete on an unprecedented scale, thanks to a new technology platform.
The online game’s central location is Riftforge, a hub structure that seemingly exists out of space and time. When the first Rift opens, players will be able to explore the immense landmass of Manirak. It is home to dozens of warring tribes, city-states, and two empires fighting for supremacy.
The player creates a House, which can send multiple commanders and their troops to combat missions. Completing missions and campaigns results in a constant progression of new skills, better equipment, and elite units.
Commanders and their troops come from the three branches of the Riftforge military, mirroring Diablo 3 classes: the Guardians (warriors), the Rangers (mages), and the Raider (rogues). Players can customize both commanders and their troops in terms of skills, specializations, and equipment.

  • Three powerful archetypes to choose from: Guardian, Ranger, and Raider.
  • Nine troop types with an array of tactical and action skills and abilities
  • Dynamic frontlines across nine warzone (81 areas)
  • Seven enemy factions fielding dozens of generals leading massive armies
  • Deep and engaging tactical combat, within a familiar turn-based system
  • Playable on a variety of web-enabled devices
  • Social networking features that enable players to interact and trade, cooperate and complete.

Players interested to find out more about Riftforge and its development are encouraged to follow the game development blog by Riftforge's Producer.

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