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Riftforge - Exclusive access

Published 06/01/2012 by kraz007
    Riftforge playtest is open to new playtesters. Use the secret passcode "SOFIA" to register now. Hurry up, because only a few hundred players will be admitted with this passcode.Playtest objectivesRiftforge playtest objectives are two and we expect your feedback on both:Collect balancing data on the archetypesImprove the interface and overall interaction with the gamePlaytest feature listYour ultimate objective is to rise in rank. Winning against high-ranking players results in significant rank improvement and tons of gold.Character Creation - creating your character gets you:One commander slot – you choose your first archetypeImmediate access to three core and two special troopersFull complement of weapons and armor for each trooperPVP Battleground - once ready for battle, you can:Play a ranked battle: wins and losses influence your rankJoin an existing custom game (training)Create a custom game (training)Equipment and troops - the gold from your wins allows you to:Upgrade your gear with better weapons, armor, trinketsRecruit veteran and elite troopsImprove your skills via trainingTechnical DetailsAny modern browser (including Internet Explorer 9 via Flash plugin)Any modern computer, including iPad (iPods & iPhones are too small)
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