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3 Point Mini games for basketball players!

Published 21/06/2011 by simsportsworld
3 Point Contest Minigames!

The Three Point Contest minigame is up and ready for play now! You can access this by visiting the locker room for any of your players and chosing the 3 Point Contest from the mini games section of the left hand menu.

The three point competitions run any time a contest gets 8 members. Competitions are broke down into high school, college, and pros. There are also 3 different point buyin levels(5,50,500). Most of the points go to the winner, while a small portion is kept out and a small portion goes to the jackpot. The winner of each competition gets to keep 95% and then gets a shot at the jackpot. Sink all 5 money balls and the jackpot is yours. The jackpot is increasing with every game run so check in on mini games regularly to see whats at stake! This is the first of many mini games to come....
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