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Football Coming to SimSportsWorld

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Published 21/06/2011 by simsportsworld

SimSportsWorld to Introduce Football in August

SimSportsWorld (SSW) has officially announced a new venture into the world of football. This follows a successful deal that grants SSW an exclusive license to use the MyFootballSim engine. The new football simulation is set to launch in August, expanding the sports simulation offerings of SSW.

League Structure

The introduction of football will come with a league structure that mirrors the existing basketball leagues. This means that players can expect a pro league, a college league, and a high school league. For those who have expressed concerns about the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in football, there's good news. SSW has confirmed that there will be no BCS in their football simulation.

Ownership Mode

For players who are interested in the ownership mode, SSW has plans to auction off pro teams and college conferences in the fall. This will provide an exciting opportunity for players to have a more immersive and engaging experience in the football simulation.

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