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Core Exiles


Published 01/08/2011 by coops
What is Core Exiles IS NOT!

CE is NOT for the feint of heart. It's not a turn based, PVP orientated fest of my armies bigger than yours. CE is NOT small, it cannot be mastered in a day and you won't be bored of it in a week. CE is NOT flash based or have lots of flashy graphics, sure we have lots of art work but we worry more about content and longevity of play.

OK So what IS Core Exiles?

Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. We are still in a Stable Beta phase at the moment but are always looking for new player / testers. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser based games CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset every few months.

Currently Core Exiles contains 5 Galaxies, 160 Systems, 763 Planets and Starbases and over 7,000 in game items. Many of these items can be crafted in game or you can choose to buy them from fellow players or in game NPC run stores.

What can I do in Core Exiles?

Well there's plenty to do don't worry about that. From being a Hauler and running trade Missions for the smaller or larger haulage companies in the game, whether that be to a local system or the far side of the next Galaxy!

Why not move Passengers? With over 15,000 passengers in the CE Galaxy all wanting to go somewhere you'll never be short of finding a customer for your cabins.

Try your hand at being a true Privateer and fit shields, scanners and a weapon or two of your choice. Try out your hand at combat and see if you have what it takes. With over 2,800 ship types to attack and Pirates from here to the distant Galaxies you'll never be left stranded for something to shoot at.

Don't forget the loot! With over 400 various items that can be looted from your combat victories you'll be pondering over what cargo expander to purchase next!

But combats not all that makes a game. There is also a very strong Crafting side to Core Exiles. There are now well over 650 Schematics enabling you with the right skills, resources and determination to build a wide range of the items in game.

Of course Crafters need resources; Did we mention that Core Exiles enables you to collect, mine and refine a multitude of resources (currently 344 different types). You can mine from asteroid fields or deploy Planetary Extractors to build up a wealth in resources.

Trading is a large part of most games and the Player Driven economy Core Exiles is no different. Most items can be traded player to player or why not place them on the in game "Player Market". Crafters, Miners, Resource Collectors, Privateers they all need items and this is where you can openly trade them.

You Finished?

Hell No; Core Exiles goes on and on. Mining Drones, Combat Drones, Factories, Player Malls, Commercial Stores, Rare Refineries, RAID targets, New Player owned Settlements, A skills system, Crystal Crafting, Implants, Internal Game Email, Weapons, Shields, Cargo expanders, Propulsion units, Energy units, Ship based Systems.

New additions like Nebula and the ability to collect Dark Matter resources. In game exploration that clears the way for new planets. Global research projects making sure there is always new technology and items being added. Certification in ship based skills preparing for player made ships and Level 6 Settlements.

You Finished Now?

Noooo! Over 500 NPC Missions to get your teeth in too. 114 different Player style ships to work your way through as you level through the game. 78 different store types to be found on over 300+ Promenades to go visit and shop at.

OK I'm not finished but I'm sure you get the picture. We are constantly developing the game, if you get stuck you can always pose a question to our team of CSA's through the in game 'Live Help'. We also have a player community forum and an IRC channel for help and support as well.

Core Exiles is always evolving and whats great is even after we go live Core Exiles will still be FREE to play. Sure you'll be able to purchase some special items should you wish to but the game will remain free.

What have you got to lose?
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