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Core Exiles From Your Perspective!

Published 13/10/2011 by coops
We have 100's of players log in each day to play Core Exiles. All of you are from all OVER the world but we'd like to SEE what CE looks like in your 'place of play' !

So we are looking for PHOTOS of Your Desktop, Laptop, Iphone ect with CE on it. Lets see how many different locations and 'weird and wonderful places' you play CE from.

Points for 'Ingenuity' but please ensure you have the locations permission to photograph.

Sign Up - Play - then submit your Picture HERE and win 1,000 Fuel Ticket.

BUT as a special bonus to visitors place the word BROWSERMMORPG in the post and win an additional 1,000 fuel Ticket. That's 2,000 fuel for free!

Post your submissions here : CE From Your Perspective

Don't forget add the key word BROWSERMMORPG for you extra free fuel!
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