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Ingame Quests - December 2011

Published 21/11/2011 by Astonias
Welcome Emperors and Futur emperors on Aerilon Universe!

A brand new feature will be integrated ingame at the beginning of next month: Quests !

In order to activate a quest, you will need to explore uninhabited planets and then simply follow the will either have to defeat big armies, big fleets and explore the entire planet in order to find artefacts that will boost your empire!

Different themes will be added, such as battlestar, Stargate and even Zelda, in order to diversify the quests..., more than 50 quests will be added per week! You will never be bored! This feature hasn't ever been seen before!

Come and start building up your empire in order to prepare your missions. Free Allopass codes are given out on the forums in order to help you grow! We hope to see you soon!!!

More Info here: Official Forums

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