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Origins Return

Origins-Return Review

Published 17/02/2011 by Astonias



Get ready to conquer the universe!

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Origins-Return is an intergalactic strategy simulation game by browser.


"After the failure of the Great Coalition during the war against the Crusaders, many people escaped from battles by going in exile in distant galaxies. Cut off from its past, and after hundreds of years, your people have finally redeveloped. Traces of your history are now returning: the rediscovery of the Space Portal previously hidden and forgotten by your ancestors, gives an all new dimension to your evolution.
Faced with this new technology, your people began to explore and dominate the galaxy. But this will not be without risks: other people have also resurrected this sad period of History..."


You start off on your mother planet. You goal is to expand your empire throughout the universe. To start off well you need to develop your mines in order to have the required resources to develop your military camp, defence centre and do the necessary researches to unblock new components for the construction of big fleets.

There are two ways of moving around the galaxy:

First of all, the space portal: Many people consider the Space Portal to be the greatest invention known. It was built by the Great Sages, a group of exceptionally brilliant minds of the Great Coalition. It consists of a large platform that generates a quantum field that connects two points of the universe and allows travelling instantaneously from one portal to another. It can allow you to attack, colonize new planets, transfer resources from one planet to another and also to negotiate, commercial or military pacts with another emperor. The portal is the main feature of the game and shall be needed to reach your goal of being the most audacious and determined emperor of the whole universe.

Secondly, you have the possibility of customizing ships: decide on the firepower, the hull, shield and speed of your ship by simply adding the unblocked components to a spaceship structure. Your vessels will help you defend your own planet along with your defences and also to wipe out your most fearless enemies. Building a fleet is essential; you need to loot planets with cargo ships in order to develop your mother planet along with its 10 other possible colonies.

You also have the possibility of either joining or creating an Alliance in order to fight off the biggest threats of the universe. Your strongest allies can send your resources and military equipment through the portal instantly! 

Origins-Return gives you the fun you are looking for. A great international community is developing and becoming larger by the day!

Register now and become the emperor you have always dreamed of being!

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