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The Museum

Historic records of no longer available browser games

In our pursuit of maintaining the most precise toplist, we don't just focus on the games that are currently active. We also document the games that have sadly been taken off the grid. Whenever a game is discontinued or becomes inaccessible, it gets a place on this list. Think of it as a virtual museum, a chronicle of browser games that once held sway in the gaming community but are now a part of the history.

Some of these games might spark a sense of nostalgia among our users. You might come across a game that you used to play passionately in your childhood or during your early gaming days. These were the games that, at one point in time, were a source of joy and entertainment for many. Although they are no longer available, their memory lives on, reminding us of the evolution of browser games over the years.



go2goal Football Simulator


Only here you'll play the role of a footballer. Train and raise your financial value and skills until you are the star of the league!

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Pimp Empires


Pimp Empires is the online pimp game! It has all the features you need to start your online pimp career. Pimping has never been more fun and challenging until now.

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Black Aftermath


Black Aftermath is a free turn-based massive multiplayer online strategy game for those who want to reign supreme amongst their fellow criminals by dominating the streets of their city and even the wo...

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Loreaon Online Mech Warfare


Loreaon is a mech-themed browser based MMORPG (no download required), which means you can access it on any computer/mobile with a browser and an internet connection. It is and will always be FREE to p...

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Ondarun 3


Ondarun is a racing team management game. Once registered, you're leading a racing team and you'll have to manage cars, drivers, parts and technical team as well you can, in a fierce competiti...

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Sold to Army


A free online RPG where you play a mercenary of the US Army under your nationality.


Solar Empire Infinium


Solar Empire Infinium is a free, multi-player PBBG of space exploration, construction, trade, combat and politics. SEI is 100% Browser Based and is coded to work in any internet browser. However we re...

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Crimson Moon: Vampire MMORPG


Free Vampire & Werewolf MMORPG. Play as 3 races in the RPG game going strong since 2005. You will battle other players and complete rich quests. The game is 100% free with no downloads required....

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Oxron is a real time fantasy strategy game. As a survivor in the land Akronia, you must help rebuild the land and eventually band together with other survivors to fight for control of the weapon Oxron...

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Gods Tournament


Develop life on your planet, help it proliferate to the most evoluted species and be the best God. Gods Tournament is a rounds game, where you will need to show your management skills, as well as your...

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Riftforge is a new RPG game with unique tactical combat. Choose from three heroic archetypes, dozens of classes, and tons of epic gear. Join today and receive bonus gold - FREE!...

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Foosball Manager


With Foosball Manager youll have to build up your career on the foosball field, through the pitfalls of amateur tournaments to the official championships, and compete against players from all over the...

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Envy The Game


Zombie browser game with lots of additional add ons. Do you think you can be among the best? Do you have what it takes to carry your gang to the top? Or do you need things to distract you? Try o...

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Earth has become an outlaw world after a nuclear crisis. A few cities remain now, trying to group up, this is a wild world now. Can you stand for it?

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Runners Manager Live


Runners Manager Live is a browser-based sports management game in which you play the role of a running club manager. Manage a team consisting of 1 to 10 runners and compete with other players in runni...


Ruler of Zu


Train your dragon, complete quests and seige cities. Now 1 year old. Ruler of zu is a upcoming browser based mmorpg with lots of features and gameplay.

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Path of the Vampire


A unique 2D vampire-themed RPG with roleplay emphasis. You can shape the future of the story and game by your actions.


Vale RPG


Final fantasy-based online MMORPG! Register today! Free to play!

This games are no longer available on this site, but might be available on their home site. If you consider one of the game listed here should be listed on the active games list, please contact us.