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Admin vs Player Russian Roulette

Published 15/10/2013 by msinnocent
There is now an Admin vs Players Russian Roulette!

It is currently set to challenge 60% of players logged into the round for a bet of 20% of your networth. These figures can be modified at anytime, and I can also choose to do a static bet amount. You can choose to accept or wimp out. If you have not done anything in the round, and you're sitting at $0 networth then the bet will be a base amount of $15,000,000.

I will need to have enough money in my account to payout (if everyone were to win), so for now I may show at the top of the ranks, but I will remove myself before EoR. For those who are unfamiliar with Russian Roulette here, when challenged you will receive a message. You can then either accept it or wimp out. If you wimp out it simply cancels the challenge. If you accept then you have a 50/50 shot of winning or losing the bet amount. You must have enough 'cash on hand' to play, it will not accept money out of your bank.

The city limitation that requires you be in the same city as the challenger has been removed. I didn't see a real point to this, so you can be in any city and accept or wimp out of the challenge. This goes for individual challenges too.

Just a fun new addition to the game!
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