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Bank Interest Change

Published 15/10/2013 by msinnocent
So, one of the suggestions in the other thread was to increase the amount of interest you get from banking. This would encourage players to begin using the banks more again and start collecting early.

I took this idea, and yes (for now, subject to change) increased the percentages, but that's not all! I'm introducing a new element to this process. Typically how it works, syndicate members send all the money they collect to one person who they previously deemed the banker. The banker builds no defense, and his buddies do most of the work keeping him maxed. This new element will now require some more work from the banker!

As of now the most used bank is the's got the highest interest so it makes sense. I'd like to get the other banks used as well. So now, every four hours & 5 minutes the interest rates will change randomly between a range of 0.5% - 5%(again, subject to change). So while the Caribbean may start out as the highest, in four hours Zurich may be the highest. So to effectively get the most out of the interest, the banker will need to keep up with the changes and transfer money accordingly.

Why every four hours & 5 minutes? Well we've also changed Interest being given out to every 2 hours (subject to change), and we don't want the two scripts running at the same time. So there is a 5 minute gap for the interest change.

Wait there's more! There will now be timers on the bank page which countdown to the next interest change & when interest is given.
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