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New Players

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Published 05/12/2014 by msinnocent

New Players List

We've added a new feature to our main page, designed to improve your gaming experience and foster a welcoming community. You can now find a list of the newest players on the left side under the 'Game Advisors' section.

This list features players who have joined the game within the last 7 days, sorted from newest to oldest. We've implemented this feature to make it easier for you to identify and welcome new players, especially as they start venturing outside of Noobville.

We understand that it can get a bit confusing when new players start to explore the game world. This feature will help you easily identify the newcomers. We encourage you to take it easy on them, remembering that everyone was once a beginner.

Why not offer them a spot in your syndicate? Fresh blood is always welcome and it's a great way to make new friends and strengthen your team. Let's work together to create a supportive and fun gaming environment for everyone!

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