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Black Aftermath


Published 14/11/2012 by msinnocent
So as most of you have noticed we've implemented two features into Black Aftermath. The chat is a feature we use to have, but the Java applet never worked properly for some people, and ultimately broke completely. It was very difficult to keep up with, so now we have a mibbit applet. This chat is a browser based client so you just have to go to the link, put in your gamename and click connect. If you don't like the browser based client you can also connect to the chat server through mIRC. While you're in chat you can converse with fellow players or play trivia if my name is in the chat. We'll eventually start running trivia contests as a way to win free turns. So you may want to start practicing now as it doesn't count for anything yet.

The second implementation is Noobville. This is a new city where only players who are 7 days or younger will be placed into upon signing up for the round. They will be able to stay in this city in order to learn the game without the threat of experienced players killing them. For more information about Noobville you can look at the FAQ.
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