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Black Aftermath

Progressive Prizes for Killer Ranks!

Published 09/12/2014 by msinnocent
Introducing progressive prizes in the killer ranks. This is a round rule that may be turned on/off from round to round. First place in both Supporter & Free killer tiers have the progressive prizes attached. For every 10 defensive units killed 5 turns will be added to the progressive prize. The math is the same for both tiers. This is subject to change.

Manipulating the ranks will not be tolerated. These prizes are intended to be won through fair & regular game play. Giving somebody free/easy kills is against the rules. This means that you cannot sell your guns or armor or purposely not train your units for the purposes of another killing your units with ease. You can have a syndicate member or friend kill you as long as your units are fully armed & fully trained.
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