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Re-introducing Trivia!

Published 10/12/2014 by msinnocent
I have setup an IRC channel with the trivia bot again.

You can gain access to the chat via the client mibbit which runs out of your browser. I recommend using a computer if you have access though, since trivia is mostly about speed.

Play Trivia

Once you go to this link you'll come to a page which you need to type in your game name, or most common name. The trivia bot keeps track of your points based on your username in chat. If you play with multiple names, your points will be spread out & I will not merge them! Choose one name that will allow me & everybody else to recognize who you are in game easily & stick with it.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! If you're interested in downloading mIRC for a better chat experience or interested in registering your name so nobody else can use it, let me know!
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