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New Browser based mmo games 2023 articles and announcements
Posted on in Features and Updates by Noevo
Hello dear players,Now Fast Speed has new ingame and login design.We provided some screenshots that you can see on the login page of the game.If you like it you can register here:http://fastspeed.noevo.netEnjoy playing browser games!Best wishes, Team! [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by dottdogg
Hi Mobsters!Factories will now produce .38 specials.We've added in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas families can't be created, and no properties aside from the casinos can be purchased.We've brought back the daily reward system.Fixed an issue with not being able to travel to Jersey City but you can start the [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by dottdogg
Welcome back, everyone!   First and foremost I'd like to formally apologize for my absence over the past month and a half. I've been quite busy with things going on outside the game. But the good news is it's all settled, at least for the most part anyway. So, it's safe to say that I'm bac [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by AMZGAME
Tiny Mighty is the Brand-New RPG game that lets you play as a commander like never before. To protect the peace of the world, you must lead, summon and even hire other players’ hero, to create an unstoppable team and fight with the enemies. Meanwhile in this world, it has Mysterious Fairyland, [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by woa
A new area has been added to the World of Avalon, which continues to be one of the most feature rich medieval games.The Black Thorn Forest is a hive of activity with many possibilities.Come play Avalon to enjoy this feature and many more additions. [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by Freid001
Finally version 3.0 is here. A full list of the new features and improvements can be found under the game guides. Due to V3.0 being stuck in development for a while the forum has been a little quite. It would be great to start seeing people come back again. [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by stian
In Nations you are the ruler of your very own… Nation. A strong, militarized superpower perhaps? Or a diplomatic trader of sought-after goods and resources? The choice is yours, as they usually say.The twistWhat makes Nations unique among the plethora of internet based entertai [more]

Now featuring even more challenging and exciting gameplay including: raiding and pillaging other pirates havens, strategic battles at sea, and much more! [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by mastro
Milan, December 21st 2014The strategy game Medieval Europe has today launched a new release - v. - Native RebellionsThe Release introduces two new important features that will change war planning strategies and an expansion of the Wardrobe:The Natives' RevoltThe natives, who have been oppre [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by msinnocent
I have setup an IRC channel with the trivia bot again. You can gain access to the chat via the client mibbit which runs out of your browser. I recommend using a computer if you have access though, since trivia is mostly about speed. Play Trivia Once you go to this link you'll come to a pa [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by msinnocent
Introducing progressive prizes in the killer ranks. This is a round rule that may be turned on/off from round to round. First place in both Supporter & Free killer tiers have the progressive prizes attached. For every 10 defensive units killed 5 turns will be added to the progressive pri [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by msinnocent
I've added a list of the newest players. it's on the Main page to the left under game advisors. It lists players who are 7 days or younger from newest to oldest. I've added this in to make it a little easier to tell who the brand new players are since it can get a tad confusing when they tra [more]

OBM Patch 2.8The latest patch for the Online Boxing Manager includes a new champions league mode. From all boxing leagues, the best two clubs get promoted for the ultimate champions league each season.OBM is one of the most popular boxing games on the internet. The online boxing game is completely f [more]

Recent Updates:A total re-write of the calibration system to make it easier for new players, and more of an incentive to raising your skill.A new series of bots for sale - choose a unique bot for your play style.Bug fixes and beta feedback adjustments.Hacking mini-game implemented.Special armor type [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by Lascar
Ondarun developpers added 147 new cars on their game !You can find the new car list here !Ondarun is now counting 1107 cars into the game ! [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by chrisfromwa
3-28-14 - The spy log was useful but hard to read, so I've made some improvements to it. You can now very easily see your past spies and the log now includes some new info. [more]

Hello all.Today, we deployed a new patch with new major systems, several improvements on current ones, bug fixes and lots of new items!As the more important subjects on this patch, we have the Crafting System, House Raiding (fear this wild world!) and the AWClopedia. Don't miss the opportunity to ch [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by Ilmarion
I just performed an update, small nonetheless satisfying, since it fixes the map and makes the "send troops" button actually useful. Now the map correctly show the tiles' info on the right side; the "Send troops" button, that until now just sent to the Head Quarters, puts in automatically the [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by forte
Dark Gale now features a party system where you have a party created from your characters that will follow you around, assist in your battles and share quests! This is only part 1 in the series of updates for this. More to come on this later.Exp Boost Potions are available in the game upgrades shop [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by xbustax
With the down fall of lost members prize Pimps is announcing the return of Changes are coming with a new look which means we are starting at ground point 1 (BETA-2) stay tuned.News from Admin 1:(#1)debuggingstuff doing some testing 10-27-2013 06:23:03 EDT I'm currently doing some [more]