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New Browser based mmo games 2023 articles and announcements
Posted on in Features and Updates by coops
I have so many distractions these days, that keeping to a work schedule is almost impossible. Between fixing / balancing and working on new elements to keep ahead, some things get left behind. Close Quarter 'Personal Combat' was one of these things. We added the personal Load-out a long ti [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by msinnocent
The jackpot amount now increases automatically. This will allow (if you're online) to guesstimate who made a purchase and what amount so that you can strategize a defense or offense accordingly. [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by FoosMan
Lately there was a lot of changes to the game:* Added two new maps: Italy (reloaded) and the Roman Empire* Added achievements* Added experience and ranks* Improved interface for the "real time" games* Added a sound that reports your turn* A new page with the latest events* Japanese translation :&nbs [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by freewayint
·         Rating ladder system, 15 ranks ·         2 factions: Brotherhood and Cult ·         Realtime PvP via duels or match making ·    &n [more]

Appirits, the Japanese developer of the turn-based browser game Einherjar, has recently released several necessary updates related to Lord House, Summon Square and Reward System for the game since 27 February 2013 (GMT+8).Lord House & Square max level increased! Level up now!First [more]

27-12-2012The Firm is pleased to announce the availability of a new language pack.The update will occur end of December, 2012.UTOF V2 is the next major update of the game. PVP will provide to gamer new possibilities. Do not hesitate to visit us and to comment. Thank you.Univ [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by miraur is a text-based browser game that takes the european nations of our time back to the past in a medieval place called Mediaevalia. Everybody is invited in the medieval adventure of a virtual lifetime, in a place where you can become a member of a guild or a military order, a mayor of [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by msinnocent
Black Aftermath now has five different items available in the gift shop of Browser MMORPG! Use your gold points to obtain one of these cool items. [more]

As time goes on, the approach time of Chrono Tales Closed Beta is near. Ray Media already received approximately ten thousand emails registration from players asking for CBT Code. If gamers do not want to miss out, visit its Email Submit Page to get qualification.   In Chrono Tales, t [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by mastro
Soon Religion Phase II release will be released. The following features will be added:Bishop and Cardinals (and other Religions correspondent roles) will be able to admonish playersReligious Leaders will be able to excommunicate playersIt will be possible to transfer Faith Points to child Religious [more]

Tokyo, Japan – 3 October 2012 – After collecting players’ comments about whether archer units can use daggers on battlefield in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood, the Japanese game’s developer Appirits has decided to realize this long-awaited feature on 3 October 2012 (SGT or GMT+8).However [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by DuncanConroy
Until now in Xatrium, only human players fought for the treasured energy mineral "Xatrium" what gives the game its name. The matches full of action are now enhanced by individual acting computer players, who behave nearly like human players. Different to buildup- and quest-based games, realtime MMOs [more]

In order to facilitate the organization of friendly tournaments mades by users, we introduced the option "cup rules" that helps prevent the friendly ends in a draw, like a cup game....and the translation of Foosball Manager in Portuguese is under construction, thanks to the player Pedra de Baixo! [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by wolfe
Hundreds of quests and more added every month! [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by simsportsworld
Animated Basketball hits We have completely rewritten our basketball simulation from scratch moving from a text based simulation, to a full blown animated, watchable basketball simulation, complete with audio, and up to 60 frame per second animation.  Our new structure for [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by Loreaon
Check out the new Loreaon Blog! [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by FoosMan
Just added the Playoff and the Playout  so as to involve more players in the fight for the glory... or into the nightmare of the relegation!Foosball Manager [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by FoosMan
We've added a brand new 2D (full HTML, no flash needed) match viewer, so now you can see exactely what happens during the match, see what your players do and where the ball bounces. [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by simsportsworld
VIP store system is now out and has the first of many perks you can attain from supporting the game!  for more information. [more]

Posted on in Features and Updates by MonsterMMORPG
Dear gamer, I hope you're fine. On behalf of Monster MMORPG, I would like to present to you A New Spin On Pokemon, complete with Original Monsters and a true MMORPG-Feel. This game is guaranteed free to play, forever. It isn't a fan made game, so rest assured that it's different from Pokemon in [more]